How to Select the Best Foundation for Your Skin

                                                Select the Best Skin Foundation
 Foundation is the base of makeup, if you know about your skin type then you can select the best foundation for you. Foundation is to be considered the 8th wonder of the world. Because it is the most important tool in makeup. So the foundation makes your skin flawless and perfect for makeup. It’s the only product that if you select according to your skin then it gives you the perfect look not the patchy and dull skin. All women have not the same skin, skin is of 4 types oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin these are the most common skin types. You can select the best foundation with the help of some tips which is here below keep reading.
So here are some tips for selection of best foundation:

Choosing your proper formulation of Foundation:
There are in the market all kinds of foundations are available easily. Each one is formulated to meet the needs of specific skin type.
1.        Cream Foundation:  It is ideal and best for normal, dry and combination skin. It conveys and conceals discolouring and imperfection on the skin flawless finish. To apply this cream you can use the foundation brush or the makeup sponge.
2.        Liquid Foundation: It is the best foundation for all skin types. And it is especially formulated to light to medium and suited on mature skin. It even out the skin tone by smoothing out the dullness and also provide the skin moisture.
3.        Pressed Powder Foundation: It is ideal and best for just oily skin other skin types can also apply but it suits on oily skin type. It is matte, it absorb the all skin oil and leaves the skin smooth. You can use the powder brush, the denser the bristles and the more products can be deposited on the skin.
4.        Mineral Foundation: it is also best and perfect foundation for all skin types except oily skin, it is specially for made for the sensitive skin. It moisturizes and excesses the extra oil from your skin and makes the skin shinny. You can use the Kabuki brush to buff it on.
5.        Tinted Foundation: is ideal and made for normal to dry skin. It is also for those who need extra hydration and to just a touch of color to make every thing together. It has a true color not the makeup look. Apply it on your face with the foundation brush.
Now all foundations are here choices is yours. Now you are able to checkout the best foundation for your skin.

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