How to Wear Black Eye Make up in Right Way

The Black Eye makeup is the trend of today fashion. The Black Eye makeup is most like to all others. Black color eye makeup looks good whether you are going out for some special party or anything else. You can wear black eye makeup it enhance your personality. But if you know the right way to do makeup. Black eye makeup not look good in daytime light source, it’s only for the nighttime. So always be remember use black eye makeup in the nighttime it’s also makes your eyes prominent and attractive. Ladies love to do black eyes. You can also say it the smoky eyes. First of all see your face features than apply makeup. If your eyes looks are tiny then the black eye makeup is perfect for those women. It also leaves effect on your face your face also look thin.

Things that you must have with you when applying makeup on eyes:

1.        Liquid black eye liner
2.        Black mascara
3.        Black eye shadow or (silver)
4.        Neutral eye shadow
5.        Face powder
6.        Light color lipstick or lip gloss
7.        Black eye pencil
8.        Peach blush on
9.        Kajal (if you like)

How to Apply makeup:

·         First of all, apply moisturizer to your face and leave it to dry. After that apply foundation and face powder on the face as well as around the eyes, that must match with your skin tone shade.
·         With the help of eye brush use the neutral color and apply on the eyes. And also beneath the eyebrows.
·         Then take the silver eye shadow on the brush and also apply beneath the eyebrows.  Silver eye shadow you use for highlighter.
·         After then use black eye shadow and apply it on your eyelids, make sure that it doesn’t fall on your face. With the help of eye brush smudge the black eye shadow on eyelid. Keep doing this until the black eye shadow smudged and the eyelids are covered properly with black shade.
·         If your wish to look awesome in nighttime party or function, than give your eyes some shimmer touch, apply some silver eye shadow on your eyelids and its look cool.
·         And now apply black liquid eyeliner on your eyelids, and be careful when you applying this because it touch lightly, excite the nerves. After applying the eyeliner apply the mascara with the mascara brush.
·         After doing all the finishing touch of black eye makeup is to use black eye pencil, it also gives the smoky effects.
·         Apply peach blush on your cheeks. On the lips the lip gloss or the lipstick its up to you which you want according to your feather. Apply the lip liner also on your lips. These all tips help you out whenever you want to wear black eye makeup.

Keep in mind if you want to take off your eye makeup, use the makeup remover. It is the best foundation for eyes after the makeup.

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